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Founded due to a lack of appropriate pricing and inability to customize needs of special interest airlines, Simplair has maintained and increased unique airline industry expertise to provide the right Integrated Passenger Service System.

We have worked in a true partnership with our clients since the very beginning, when we built the new generation reservation system. We have since adopted this successful customer-focused approach to develop any new solution with our launch partners to increase revenue, optimize processes and enhance the passenger’s experience.

We work closely with user groups and the airline community, and are convinced that this way of working not only ensures a better match of new solutions with airlines’ needs but that it also facilitates the convergence between airline processes.

The Simplair fully customizable solution is available in multiple languages, matching the needs of your airline and enabling rapid global roll-out.

Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, on the world’s best and secure servers with a proven record of over 99.9% uptime, your airline software is upgraded constantly to fit your needs to the max. We ensure it utilizes the most advanced technology available, with the minimal cost.