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Integrated Passenger Service System

Simplair is the world’s answer for small and medium-sized airlines, especially start-ups and special interest airlines, i.e. seaplane operations, dirt track landings etc. Simplair’s online booking engine helps you maximise your online sales. Its user interface offers the best-in-class customer experience and helps you deliver all types of travel booking services including domestic and international flights.

The Simplair online airline booking system is a fully customisable solution available in all languages, matching the needs of your airline and enabling rapid global roll-out. Hosted on the world’s best and secure servers with a proven record of over 99.9% uptime, your airline software is upgraded constantly to fit your needs to the max. We ensure it utilises the most advanced technology available.

…and it does not stop with an online booking solution. Simplair delivers a holistic software package, including passenger ground handling and services such as check/in, luggage handling and additional services. It can be even delivered with a POS hospitality solution to generate more sales at your own airport/seaport or whichever facilities you are using.


Key benefits

Reduce costs

Simplair covers the costs of development, maintenance and hosting when you use it, depending on the subscription plan. Your airline benefits from all enhancements made across the shared infrastructure, and joint development of community solutions and products.

Increase customer satisfaction

Offer your customers an efficient round-the-clock online airline booking system, as well as establish and maintain a strong, direct customer relationship while promoting your brand and services.

Increase revenue

Grow your airline’s revenue and market share, especially in your domestic market, by expanding and strengthening your online presence.

About Simplair

Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that we always develop flexible and functional features that can help our airline customers increase revenue, optimize processes and enhance the passenger’s experience. Our customers have real influence on our product development and therefore shape the future of Simplair on a daily basis. There is no more dynamic, more individualisable software solution on the market than Simplair. Simply take advantage of this and bring your airline in the air with Simplair.

We understand that choosing a software solution partner is a decision made of trust. At Simplair we know that by supplying the sales and reservation platform, we are trusted with one of the most essential parts of the airline’s business: inventory, content, revenue and sales. We earn our customers’ trust by always performing and understanding each of our customer’s business. Whatever you do, we will be by your side.

Simplair overview

Best-in-class faring and pricing capabilities

Including advanced low-fare search and an improved framework for special offers.

Electronic Tickets and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents

Fully integrated with online credit card validation.


Automatically sends e-mail confirmation for each booking.

Content capability

Ability to distribute a growing amount of additional content.


Hundreds of customisable settings to choose from, allowing you to fully adapt the layout and structure of the airline booking system interface.

Multiple languages

You name them. We implement them.